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accoutrements accessories
acumen quickness and keenness of judgment or insight.
anomalistic deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule; phenomenal
auspicious favorable, prosperous
bellwether a leader, trendsetter, first in their class, and ahead of the rest
callipygian having shapely buttocks
circumlocution 1. The use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language. 2. Evasion in speech or writing. 3. A roundabout expression.
concupiscent a strong desire, especially sexual desire; lust
conviviality merry; festive
coruscant giving forth flashes of light; glittering
cuddlesome suitable for or inviting cuddling. Also, cuddly
cupidity eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something: greed; avarice.
cynosure an object at the focal point of attention; something that is used as a guide
ebullient zestfully enthusiastic
equanimity the quality of being calm and even-tempered
excogitate to consider or think something out carefully and thoroughly
gasconading to boast; to brag
idiosyncratic belonging to one's peculiar and individual character
luminescent emitting light not caused by heat
magnanimous courageously noble in mind and heart; unselfish
nidificate to nest
osculator one who kisses
parsimonious frugal
penultimate means second to last - as in LOSER
perfidiousness betrayal of a trust
perspicacious having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted
proficuous profitable; advantageous; useful
remunerative serving and providing profitability
saxicolous one who lives under a rock
sesquipedalian one who uses big words
superabundant abundant to excess
unencumbered free, not burdened with cares or responsibilities
unparagoned having no paragon or equal; matchless; peerless
usufruct the right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way
winebibber one who drinks much wine