Professor BookBOT: good for your students and for you

BIGWORDS is pleased to present the Professor BookBOT - a fast, simple way for you to help your students save time and money. Bring the power and convenience of the BIGWORDS book-pricing engine directly to your students. Simply cut and paste one line of HTML, and your students will be able to instantly view the best prices for the textbooks your course requires from leading e-tailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and more, right from your website.

If you're advanced, then just grab the following and paste it on your course home pages. If you need more info, read on.

<!-- Beginning of BIGWORDS Professor BookBOT --><IFRAME SRC="<ISBN_OF_YOUR_BOOK>" WIDTH="170" HEIGHT="320" FRAMEBORDER="0" MARGINWIDTH="0" MARGINHEIGHT="0" HSPACE="3" VSPACE="3" SCROLLING="auto" ALIGN="RIGHT"><A HREF="">Find the best prices for new and used textbooks.</A></IFRAME><!-- End BIGWORDS Professor BookBOT -->

Replace <ISBN_OF_YOUR_BOOK> (including the < and the >) with the ISBN of the book you'd like to price. Remove all dashes and spaces from the ISBN. The only characters in the ISBN should be 0-9 and/or X.

looks can be deceiving

BIGWORDS may look fun and carefree, but we are dead serious about saving students money on textbooks. We save students $1,000 annually on average - including shipping.

We pre-qualify and continuously monitor the availability, delivery times, and customer service of all of our merchant partners, so that you can be confident that you are recommending the best possible deals, from the most reputable sources. The BookBOT taps into our pricing service in real time, so that only the best vendors, and only the current prices are shown.

The BookBOT takes into consideration all current shipping charges, promotions, and coupons, then figures out the best total price. A student researching his or her online purchasing options might spend 10 minutes per site per book - and still not be able to figure out all the available promotions, shipping charges, etc. BIGWORDS figures it all out in seconds.


By following these instructions closely, you should be up and running with minimal effort. A basic installation should take from 30 minutes to one hour to complete. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the online setup to download a more detailed PDF document, in case you want access to more advanced features such as customizing your BookBOT using stylesheets.

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    " is awesome!!! I have saved so much money by buying my college books's amazing. Thanks so much!!!"
    -Tessa from University of Idaho

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