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Everybody loves stickers, right? It's easy to get a bunch of free stickers, and you don't even have to buy anything! Um, well, I guess that's what free means, right?
The BIGWORDS Uber-BOT price comparison saves up to 90%*. It does this by allowing you to add all of your books, DVDs, music, and games at once. It then searches the web's best merchants, taking into consideration all of the current shipping, promotions, and coupons, in order to figure out the best total price of your order.
Basically, we just want you to know what we do, and then we'll send you stickers so you can tell others! The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

 search for textbooks or something!

 Search for books, DVDs, music, or games.

 run the price comparison

 click on "best store" or "best combination"

 You don't have to buy anything.

 click the FREE STICKERS link on the "To Do List"  page.

that's it!

We'll get stickers and stuff out to you right away.