BIGWORDS Sweepstakes - Free Roku Streaming Video Projector Sweepstakes - Win a 3M Streaming Projector!

We're backkkk! What better way to keep spreading the word on than by giving away free stuff, right? We just don't want you to ever forget that the best way to save money on textbooks and EVERYTHING else, is to use our site as your go-to price comparison search engine. Using BIGWORDS, students save up to 90%* on their textbooks and now their saving big on fun things too, like video games, dvds and anything else their little academically advanced fingers can type into our sweet search bar.

But let's get back to the prizes!

What You Could Win and How To Win It:

We know you. We know how often you screen shop, looking at that fancy blue-tooth speaker, or that new TV or those expensive shoes, filling cart after cart and abandoning every single one of them. We know you, because we know what it's like to have a never-ending list of things we'd like to buy ourselves, if only having to feed ourselves wasn't so darn important for human existence.

Which is why we want to give, yes GIVE you, a 3M Streaming Projector or one of nine Amazon Gift Cards. The projector you can use to mimic what it used to be like to go the movies before the movie experience started to cost the same as a live Broadway play. The Amazon cards? Well think about how much fancy ramen (the kind that gives you a free cup) you could buy in bulk for $50 bucks.

So what next? How do you win? Easy, fill in the blanks. We're not even asking for anything personal. No phone numbers. No home addresses. We'll get those from you when you win. How many times can you enter? Only every single day. Can you share the contest with friends to be automatically entered again? Would we cheat you out of another chance to win? Of course you can!