Kettlebell Training: A Full Workout For Those Who Don’t Like To Leave Home


I’m what you call a lazy exerciser. Let me explain my oxymoron. It’s not that I don’t do it. It’s that I don’t want to leave my apartment to do it. Because I work from home and find that a horizontal under the covers with laptop on my stomach position is my favorite for getting work done, I barely ever want to leave my bed, let alone my bedroom. Throw in a long night out in a city that doesn’t close until 4 or 5 am, followed by a long work day and a cold-to-the-bone north eastern chill and I consider it an accomplishment if I even leave my bed to do the bare necessities in life, like feed and de-pee myself.

Sure, when the weather warms up I may find myself on a good run through the park, but until then it’s all bedroom floor, streaming Pilates on Netflix and lots and lots of basic home gym equipment for me.

With a NYC apt the size of a dorm, I prefer to find products that are “fitting”. Like literally fitting, “able to hide in my 3×3 closet or I’ll trip over them and fly through my window into the brick wall” fitting. But beyond fitting, they obviously need to to effective. Which is why I fell in love with the kettlebell¬† a year ago.¬† The kettlebell, which can easily be stored anywhere (mine, in my bottom kitchen cabinet), delivers strength and endurance, in addition to working every major muscle just as well as a fully equipped gym could. Think excellent core training. Think great stomach, legs, and tight butts. Awesome arms and back. All of it.

I’m not going to say it’s easy. Finishing a YouTube workout one night created a “pain-face” I never thought I could even form, but it’s ridiculously convenient. I have to admit, you do have to size up on your kettlebells the more you use them, which is a good thing, you’re getting all strengthier and sh*t, but if you get a good set for a low price, you’re golden.

I use a cast iron kettlebell set, a friend of mine owns the refillable shockproof plastic set which is just as effective . If you’re interested in breaking into the kettlebell world follow the links below. I did a little comparison shopping on and found the very same set I use, for a lot less than I paid for. Unlucky me, lucky you.

Cast Iron Kettlebell Set 10,15, 20, 25 lbs:
Retail: $199.99 best price: $74.99, includes shipping

Below is the slightly more “beginners” set, because I have to admit, 15 pounds isn’t a lot of weight and you may graduate quickly with regular use.

Tone Fitness Kettlebell Set:
Retail: $59.99 best price: $35.60, includes shipping


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