True Blood: Catch Up And Buy Previous Seasons Cheap


There are a lot of movies and TV shows that Netflix is good for catching up on. HBO and Showtime series are not one of them.

Get caught up on previous seasons of True Blood on the cheap, so you can jump in the conversations on your friend’s facebook pages and feel relevant again. Or mostly so you can avoid any chances of a less than intelligent friend ruining the show for you by posting spoilers in their status messages. (Yes, I’m looking at you, idiot friend of mine who ruined a huge cast death surprise on Sons of Anarchy for me last year.)

True Blood Season 1

Retail: $59.99 Price (shipping included): $9.99


True Blood Season 2

Retail: $59.99 Price (shipping included): $12.89


True Blood Season 3

Retail: $59.99 Price (shipping included): $12.99


True Blood Season 4

Retail: $59.99 Price: (shipping included): $22.52


True Blood Season 5

Retail: $59.99 Price (shipping included): $16.99


Hayden West


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