10 Dorm Room Un-necessities But Wanties

Sometimes I truly believe the things we don’t need are the things we need the most. Then I just realize I am trying to make something that doesn’t make sense into a quote and additionally a bad excuse for frivolously spending my money.

Regardless, my dorm room would be a lot better with these things…need or not need.

1. Bed Tent

When there’s a bed tent involved, it’s hard to tell who the creepy roommate is. The person you are hiding from in your bed tent? Or the person who just zipped themselves into a bed tent.


Retail Price: $185.70

BIGWORDS.com Price: $129.99  

*prices may change depending on availability

2. Ice Maker 

Here’s a recipe for Hunch Punch:

1 Gallon of Everclear

1 Gallon of Hawaiin Punch

Fruits for the fruits

Couple of Liters of Sprite Optional.

Mix wherever you have the room to mix almost 3 gallons of booze cocktail. The bathtub, right?

Add ice, make more ice and more and more because no one has ever said ‘yes please’ to a cup of room temperature bathtub punch.

NewAir 28 Pound Portable Icemaker


Retail Price: $271.36

BIGWORDS.com Price: $174.99


3. Xbox, any year

Until you have enough money saved up for the new Xbox, the current one isn’t so bad. The current one isn’t so bad. The current one isn’t so bad. Says the student with no money who wants the new Xbox…



Retail Price: $199.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $69.99


4. Mini Kegorator

When you have enough money for food and a mini fridge, but want a Kegorator instead.



Retail Price: $299.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $132.99


5. Glowstick Party Cups

No one you know has these. Which makes you cooler for having something that no one has ever had. Even if no one has ever wanted to have it.



BIGWORDS.com Price: 48 for $32.97


6. The Clapper

Because when you are drunk in a 5×5 foot dorm room, the lamp is still too far away.


Retail Price: $29.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $17.38


7. Paro The Healing Robot Seal

Before you get all “That’s a freaking stuffed animal, Meghan”…note that according to its maker, Japanese company AIST. he was created to provide the benefits of animal therapy – reduced stress, emotional stimulation – to people in hospitals and other environments where a real-life pet wouldn’t be allowed. So if you’re missing your pup or kitty back at home, and are kind of weird and friendless, get yourself a Paro.


Retail Price: $59.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $24.97


8. Beach Window Curtain


This seems like such a cute great idea. And maybe it will be great. Until you realize that the only thing more depressing than being in a cinder block dorm room no where near the beach, is having a fake drawing of the beach hanging on your wall. I still say get it!

Retail Price: $45.00

BIGWORDS.com Price: $18.97


9. Roku Streaming Projector



Streams Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to any wall. Anywhere. On anyone.

Retail: $299

BIGWORDS.com Price: $172.99


10. FlipAutomatic Book Page Turner


These mechanical page turners activate through pressing 2 switches, one for turning a page forward and another for turning back a page….

Just kidding. And really?