6 Retro Childhood Games That Make Fun College Party Games

Carrying childhood games with you into adulthood never seemed like a better idea…until you were in college.  If you’re of the legal age limit, it turns out these make excellent drinking games at any party. If you’re underage or just pleasantly sober, these can be great if you have the group write in “dares” or “rules” that you pick out of a bowl from, each time you become a game fail.


1. Don’t Wake Daddy


Every time one of you dumb dumbs wakes Daddy, you drink or have to pick a dare. The game is actually fun enough that you can play it the way it should be played and still have a great time, beer or no beer.

BIGWORDS.com Price: $20.57


2. Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist

Take turns pulling crocodile teeth as he bites (drink or dare) each of you at random. A good quick 5 games in a row of this should do the trick and get the party going. I think. I’ve never actually played this game, to be honest.

Retail Price: $15.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $4.25


3. Don’t Break the Ice



Forget two players. Pass the icepicks around one by one in a circle so this thing speeds up.  Its funny how when you were 8 you were scared to death of breaking the ice and at 21 you couldn’t drown yourself, so to speak, fast enough.

BIGWORDS.com Price:  $9.99 


4. Perfection 


Pop goes Perfection! For the solo drinker who wants to develop an acute case of adult anxiety and get buzzed at the same time.

BIGWORDS.com Price: $9.97


5. Operation



Forget the cards and money, just keep passing those tongs around in the circle and get ready to see how much insanely harder (and f’in SCARIER) this becomes when beer goggles are present.

Retail Price: $18.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: 13.79


6. Eat at Ralph’s



I mean you’re stepping right into a literal foreshadow here, but by all means, make it a drinking game. Every time Ralph barfs, you basically see your future. And drink. It’s a good thing, for you, we couldn’t find it online anywhere. Wa-wa.