BIGWORDS Welcomes Skyo to the Cheap Textbook Rentals Party


BIGWORDS has added Skyo textbook rentals to the site. Skyo is owned by Follett, one of the largest bookstore owners and wholesale distributors of textbooks. From what we can tell, their availability and pricing is just spectacular, and their customer service reputation is great.

BIGWORDS always stays on top of the latest trends in the textbook industry to help you, the beloved yet deprived college student, save the most money on textbooks.

On top of their already low prices, Skyo is running an insane promotion – without any coupon code you automatically get 5% off 2 items or 10% off 4 or more. This is on top of free shipping!

Once again though, BIGWORDS will calculate the cheapest combination of stores to get your books at so you can shop all the best stores at one time.


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