UPDATE: BIGWORDS Android App for Textbooks, Get Ready For BIGger Savings

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No one likes bugs. I never liked them in the cereal my dad used to buy us on clearance at Big Lots, I wasn’t fond of hearing they were occupying the bed of my roommate in NYC, and I certainly don’t care for them in my computer programs and phone apps. I should stop eating in my bed.

I digress. Anyway, while we were upgrading our totally gorgeous new website BIGWORDS.com there were like a gagillian (did I spell that right?) new Android phones released, like the wicked cool HTC One. The latest version of Android made the Bigwords Android App for Textbooks really lazy. Like super hungover. It crashed L.

But it’s a new semester and now we’ve got a new updated and crashless BIGWORDS Android App for Textbooks. Once again it’s the easiest way to find the cheapest textbooks in the Universe. Now we can be sure that your textbook shopping will be easy and ba-reezy (not to mention will still help to save you $1000 a year on textbooks0).

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Okay. That was huge news. I know you’re excited but you need to sit down now. Pull yourself together. Go download the new app to get  Cheap Textbooks on Android. And please, let us know if you have any problems. If the app is working for you again, don’t be shy. Tell us that too. A 5-star rating will earn you some good Karma. That’s how karma works right? You give us 5-star ratings and we think nice thoughts about you. Those nice thoughts flow through the universe (usually in the form of savings on textbooks) and end up in your bank account. You don’t believe me? Let me lay this out for you. Great ratings make our developers excited. When the candy bars and Redbull wear off, all they have left is encouragement from you, our beautiful users.

Coming this fall: That encouragement turns into even more awesome features we have in the works  such as:

  • Barcode scanning (Um, imagine walking into your campus bookstore, scanning a barcode and seeing how much cheaper you could get the book from Bigwords. Yeah. How about THEM apples. It’s coming. Well, I mean, that depends on you.)
  • Price alerts (Um, imagine getting a Push notification when the price of the book you want drops or the Buyback price is at its highest. Yeah. Close your mouth. It’s rude to stare.)
  • “Compare Everything” (The smartest of you already know that you can compare virtually anything on Bigwords.com. Pretty soon you’ll be able to do that on your phone. I’m sorry, am I starting to come off a little needy? GIVE ME 5 STARS)

So you see, the mysteries of the Universe aren’t mysteries at all. Besos, yogi!






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