Huge New Feature! Per-item textbook buy/rent/ebook preferences.

Never ones to rest on our laurels OR our hardies (not even sure what that means), we finally decided to stop re-reading our crunchbase profile and launch the MOST REQUESTED FEATURE you’ve all been waiting for.

Per-Item Preferences

Forever, BIGWORDS has shown you the cheapest possible prices on textbooks. But if you didn’t want to rent one of your books, or if you wanted it used, you could either turn rentals off for the entire bookbag, or go through an extremely tedious process of ignoring individual copies unit the exact right book was selected for you. Well, no more!

I have 3 books in my bag. I want to keep one of them forever, so I do not want to rent it.

Click on “ignore this copy.”


This Smeagol-esque confirmation dialog pops up…


…and now rentals will be ignored for THAT ONE BOOK, but the other books in the cart will still be selected from everything.


The same holds true for rentals, eBooks, international editions, used, and even new.



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