Winter is Coming Jon Snow…..

A harsh reality just hit: Summer is O V E R. As much as we wish living in tank tops, eating hot dogs on your porch, and sleeping where you pass out could be year around options, it’s not.  BIGWORDS.COM can help you get prepared with fall / winter basics that will help you stay warm even when the outside of your dorm resembles “The Wall” from Game of Thrones. Hey, at least you won’t have to battle night walkers to get to your 9:30 political science class.

It’s important to start your morning off right. Nothing warms the bones more than a cup of hot chocolate. We never thought BIGWORDS.COM could also stock your groceries but Uberbot proved us wrong when he found this named brand Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa mix for 6.99 with FREE shipping. Other sites sell it for over $55 bucks! Uberbot is amazing… that is all we have to say on this one.


While you are up, throw some ingredients into your crock pot so you can come home to a warm delicious meal. We have found crock pots on BIGWORDS.COM for $20 bucks but you may also want to invest in a simple cook book. Meats that are used in the slow cooker are way cheaper but taste so good after being roasted all day. Freeze your leftovers for months of chili lunch and dinners. Most dinners will take you 10 minutes to prep and the rest is mouthwatering history! Bonus, your apt will smell incredible when you return from a long day at school. BIGWORDS.COM found this 1,400 recipe book for under $12 bucks (50% savings).






Maybe one of the best winter inventions ever is the electric blanket. Most likely you live in a dorm or apartment where the heating isn’t always reliable. Why chance freezing to death when you can throw down a few bucks on this Sunbeam micro plush “cuddler”. Save 30% with BIGWORDS.COM and get this name brand item for under $50 with free shipping.







Speaking of staying warm, also pick up a set of luxury flannel sheets for that twin bed! BIGWORDS.COM can save you 35% on name brand sheets that won’t ball up and lose threading. If there is one piece of advice we can give you, it’s don’t skimp on your bedding.  You can be swimming in luxury flannel dreams for under $40 with shipping included.  Can you say “worth it”?





Eventually you will have to venture out into the subzero artic and cross the quad. Take it from an ol pro, you want to keep a couple of sets of hand warmers and boot warmers in your possession. Last year we were caught without ours and spent $20 bucks for just the hand warmers. If you buy using BIGWORDS.COM price comparison search, you can get an 8 pack for $5 bucks! These warmers give off 6 hrs. of heat. I bet Jon Snow wish he had these at the wall!






Use BIGWORDS.COM to price compare your winter needs no matter what those items may be. We think you’ll be delightfully surprised on how much money we can save you <3.



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