College is really a synonym for party. Every holiday, especially Halloween, should be celebrated with your best efforts. It’s the details that count and you want the best and biggest bang for your buck! I did a quick search on BIGWORDS.COM to find the ultimate Halloween party décor that you can’t find at Walmart or Target. Some are weird but isn’t that just another synonym for college too? Check out some of the random, amazing, and creepy items I found for cheap:


In My Veins Drink Dispenser


This may be one of the coolest Halloween party items I have ever seen! BIGWORDS.COM found this incredible “fluids dispenser” for 24% lower than it’s original cost.  It can be yours for $14 bucks! I’d fill this thing full of vodka cran so fast!



Inflatable Vampire Coffin Cooler

Holy crap! I didn’t know this even existed? We found several Halloween coolers but this one was my favorite.  This vampire cooler retails for $30 but BIGWORDS.COM found it for $15 with free shipping? Think how much beer you could stock in there!













Giant Brain Jello Mold


What if you could make a giant jello shot in the shape of a human brain? Ask and you shall receive….BIGWORDS.COM found this brain mold for under $2 bucks! You can also use it to mold dips, cheese, and other malleable foods.














Creepy Freakin’ Hangman

This thing gives me the chills! It’s animated with kicking legs and a creepy shrill laugh. For extra fun, put it in  your roommates closet! Creepy Freakin’ Hangman will give you and your guests nightmares for months for only $19 bucks! BIGWORDS.COM saves you over 50%.















Head in a Jar

Yep… just put that in the fridge next to the pickles! BIGWORDS.COM found this severed head in a jar for under $12 bucks which is half of the retail cost.










You can find all your Halloween decorations, props, costumes, accessories for a fraction of the cost when you use BIGWORDS.COM to price compare. Why leave your house to go to 6 different stores and not find what you are looking for (not to mention overpaying) ? Totally a no (jello shot) brainer.


Want all my items? Just click HERE


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