Scariest Movies of All Time: A Halloween Night Marathon List

What better way (not to mention cheapest way) to celebrate the scariest night of the year than to have a Scary Movie Marathon? We pulled a list of the scariest movies of all time. These are so scary that Freddie Kruger himself would cover his eyes. After price comparing we found all these amazingly freaky and horror filled DVDs for 63% less than retail cost! Get them all with FREE shipping for $20.86 or buy individually for about 5 bucks a DVD by clicking on their titles below.














Event Horizon
What is scarier than finding an abandoned spaceship in outerspace? NOTHING… especially if it’s haunted and the crew is missing without a trace. This ship plays mind games and defines horror as a recon team tries to figure out what happened to the ship’s crew members.















The Fourth Kind
This may be the scariest movie of all time. Aliens might exist as this documentary style film calls on small town residence to describe strange happenings that have been occurring. Their accounts are terrifying and extremely haunting. You will be hiding your face in your blanket for most this movie.















The Strangers

You will never want to be left at home alone again. Strangers target a wife and her husband in their rural home. What comes next is absolutely terrifying. Get the unrated version














The Ring
Eerie, shocking, and cold best describes this haunting flick as a mother slowly finds out the terrifying history of her adopted daughter’s past.















The Crazies
Contaminated water in a small town turns residents into heartless killers known as “Crazies”. A man and his pregnant wife do all they can to escape the blood thirsty infected townspeople. This movie is one of the best “zombie” movies we have ever seen.













Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A few friends get a horrible surprise as they pick up a stranger on the side of the road. This movie does not stop terrorizing it’s cast until the very end.

Total Retail Price without shipping: $29.98
Best BIGWORDS Price WITH shipping: $16.75

Ask you friends to bring a Halloween inspired snack and get those couch forts ready. This will be the most terrifying slumber party ever. Buy all these DVDs for a fraction of the cost HERE and enjoy your Halloween night in!


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