Use BIGWORDS.COM to Find “Bundles” to Get More for the Holidays

Xbox 360 Kinect Sports Bundle


Thanksgiving is late this year creating an online stir to push as much “holiday” priced items as possible. Think about it. Online stores have 2-3 weeks to sell to you and after that, there are no guarantees you will get the product by Christmas which is every retailer’s worst nightmare. What does this mean to you?? Tons of sales online, great online selections, and crazy bundle packages! Companies like Walmart admitted to adding way more inventory to their online store  at discounted prices this year in order to prepare (we price compare all their products too). BIGWORDS.COM allows you to price compare for the cheapest possible price on all items and allows you to search for the cheapest bundled prices too (like this  Kinect Bundle Set $95 (75% OFF Retail Price). We also find the cheapest shipping and add any available coupons online. Get WAY more for your money this year using to find these deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Xbox 360 Halo 4 Bundle


We are already seeing a ton of bundles when we price compare on for the holidays (especially with video games and consoles). Start making a list of your holiday gifts and make sure to compare prices on before you make any purchases. We will always find it cheaper and possibly with a free bonus electronic or video game!  Ohhhh the  “power” of We found a great example of bundling for Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 Bundle. We price compared and found this bundle for $100 and it retails for $400. You get bonus game, remotes, and other stuff that isn’t typically included. We also found FREE shipping for the item. This is just one example… can you imagine what Cyber Monday and Black Friday will have in store?


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