Who Needs to Wait Until Black Friday to Get a Deal?

OOo ahhhh! I found some amazing holiday gifts for under $30 bucks! We got something for everyone and at discounted prices that will save you a holiday fortune.  Check out what we found!

USB Bracelet


I saw this on Vanessa Hudgens while flipping through my US Weekly this am. This 16 GB USB Bracelet would make a perfect gift for anyone! You can choose from all sorts of colors but I fell in love with this one (probably because it sparkles)! We found Vanessa’s exact 16GB usb bracelet for $15.



Give your roommate or brother a hint with this 72 HR HYGIENE KIT. The 72-hour Hygiene Kit packs 3 days’ worth of emergency supplies keeps you looking and feeling (and smelling) fine. Don’t let bad weather, a natural disaster or even “roughing it” make you smell like a pile of NY City garbage.  We found it for $25!

Susquehanna Glass Moustaches Pub Beer Mugs


OooOoooo!!!! Want want want!!!!!  The moustache is back with this clever assortment of Glass Moustache Pub Beer Mug. Each 16-ounce mug features a different moustache design, making these Glass Moustache Beer Mugs a great gift under $30 bucks!

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass


Can’t leave our winos out now can we? This is maybe a gift you need to get yourself before you go home to visit the ol’ family before the holidays. Finally!  Just think of it! No more judgmental looks from family and friends when you continue to refill your glass. The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass holds a full bottle of wine and costs the same as a bottle of wine too. Get it for $12 bucks!

Roulette Drinking Game Set


YAY!!! How much fun!!! Get mom, dad, and the grandparents in on this one. Ok.. maybe not but it would make a great gift to give your roommate. The Roulette Drinking Game retails for $35 but Bigwords.com never disappoints! We found it for $12 bucks!








Want all of it? Click HERE

And never pay full retail again with Bigwords.com! Happy Holidayyyyyyys!



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