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The semester is almost over and those college textbooks you are currently hauling around will be useless to you in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, if you are reading this, you bought or rented your textbooks using BIGWORDS.COM and are already calculating how much $$ you will make back when your textbooks are re-listed (ppssst! On average, you can get 90% back!) . BUT! Have you ever thought ” Hey!  I can sell my rented textbooks and make more $?” By breaking the rental agreement, you can sell a textbook back on BIGWORDS.COM & very easily make a bigger profit. Can you imagine?  Rent textbooks just to sell textbooks? No? Here is a great example of how to break your rental agreement and sell your textbooks to make some extra cash.

First, search the ISBN on to find out how much the book is new, used, and how much the buyback is.

Social Psychology
ISBN: 9780078035296

New: $99.99
Used: $89.76
Buyback: $87.75

The cost of book for semester if purchased used then sold with buyback: $2.01
Shipping: $3.75
Total Cost of Book: $5.76
Total Savings: $94.23 or 94%

Check your rental agreement. How much does it cost to break the agreement? How much did you rent the book for? Deduct those two amounts to see your profit if you were to sell it back “used” instead of turning the textbook back in.

textsaveWe specialize in the art of finding and price comparing cheap textbooks for budget conscious students to make their lives just a bit less stressful. College is already hard enough and to feel like you are getting ripped off by the college book store is just one more hatchet to the heart you could do without. We have madeselling textbooks, buying textbooks, andrenting textbooks easier than ever with our updated iphone and android app.  Now you can buy, rent, or sell textbooks from the palm of your hand without even putting on pants or brushing your teeth.  You are welcome!


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