Jacket Racket : Best Winter Jackets 2014 at Best Prices

I know it’s easy to roll out of bed and thrown on whatever is on the floor and slump to class. Usually this means an old sweat shirt from when you ran track in highschool. Yuck…. Did you know you can look amazing with very little effort and on very little cash this winter? All you need is a few key pieces in our wardrobe that will make you look like a million bucks. Behold! The power of Bigwords

Calvin Klein Wool Wrap Coat

ckjacketThis coat will never go out of style. I just bought one and it seriously looks amazing with every item I own. This Calvin Klein Wool Wrap coat retails for right under $300 but I was able to find it for $170 when I price compared on Bigwords.

Cashmere Trench Coat

cashmereUm excuse me… cashmere for under $43 dollars? I can’t… breath…. I thought this was a glitch in the matrix but nope, this Cashmere Trench Coat is $43 bucks! I am already mentally pairing it with leather booties, sunglasses, and a cute leather bag…..

Sherpa Lined Parka with Fur Hood

hooded parkaCan I just buy them all? The answer is yes because this Sherpa Lined Parka with Fur Hood is only $56 bucks. This jacket is cut at a perfect length so you can wear tights and boots with it and look like you just stepped off a runway…or your dorm hall.

Nautica Wool Military Coat

nautica woolI love a cranberry trench coat so when this Nautica Wool Military Coat came back listed at $100 I almost spit out my diet coke. This coat frames every female’s frame perfectly. Nautica has this jacket retailed for over $200 bucks.

Kenneth Cole Chevron Trench

KennethcoleGot snow? No problem. This down filled jacket has a 5 star review for being extremely warm and stylish (no puffer look). We found this perfect winter Kenneth Cole Chevron Trench for $130 which saves you 30% off retail. You will have no problem braving the freezing cold temperatures as you power through to your 8 am classes.


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