The Cheap Spring Break Guide

Yeah…. just teleport us anywhere it’s warmer than -8 degrees please.  This winter feels like it will never be over and the snow doesn’t seem to be melting.  Use this in-door time to start planning your spring break getaway that is rapidly approaching.  Here are a few tips to save $$!


1. Save $ NOW. Think you are too old for a piggy bank? Think again!  Grab this adorbs Piggy Bank for under $10 and start saving every penny you find. Once it’s full, take it to a Coinstar and let the $$ add up!  You’ll be surprised….














2. Look at ticket costs by destination or figure out cheapest place to drive.  Pick a place that has lots of outdoor activities like a beach so you don’t spend a lot when you get there… body surfing , flirting, and tanning are FREE.









3. Do all your spring break wardrobe shopping online. Use to find swim suites, towels, cooler, and all the beach / party items you need at extremely discounted prices! We found this Billabong Bikini Top for her at 30% off and Billabong Board Shorts for him at 25% off




4.  In a group? Rent a house! You can find great houses for extremely cheap on VRBO!  Plan your meals and cook most of the nights to save some extra $$.


5. Drinks will be your biggest expense when on Spring Break. DO NOT.. I REPEAT!! DO NOT open a tab. You will end up either leaving your card or paying $200 bar tabs cause a hotty flirted with you.   Try to use cash as much as possible (you will be more reluctant to spend it).  Use a Cooler like the one we found on for $15 bucks to save a ton of cash.












6. Pack picnics for the day. If you are on a beach, this is way better than going to an overpriced restaurant. Did I mention you can find picnic supplies super discounted when you price compare on We found this Picnic Pack for under $15 bucks!















7. Stay away from Joe Francis……


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