Wanna Play? 5 Beach Games that Force You to Mingle

Oh hay girrrlllll!!!  Games are the #1 easiest way to meet your fellow spring breakers. Trust me, I am not a genius but someone who has been on 5 spring breaks while trying to graduate in 4 years (shout out to UCF aka U Can’t Finish)! Did I mentioned these games were super fun to play with just your friends too? No matter what your goal is on SB, play it safe!

 Smash Ball

smashboxThis is a classic beach game that no one can resist. Start playing with your friends and hit the ball over towards a group of “beach babes” and ask them to play winner. Yes.. it’s that easy to meet your co/ breakers’.  Get this Smash Ball set for$10!

Bocce Ball

bocceNothing like throwing balls at balls right? Actually this is my most favorite beach game in the world.  Bocce Balls sets can run from $75-100  but we price compared and found it for under $40. You can use this set almost anywhere on a variety of surfaces.


frisbeeSet Guinness World Record for the farthest throw (1,333 feet)!! Wouldn’t that be amazing!!?? This Aerobie is awesome cause it’s way easier to catch than a Frisbee.  We found it on Bigwords.com for $3!

Horse Shoes

horseThis set of Horse Shoes are only $13 when shopped on Bigwords.com . This sturdy set packs down nice so you can fit it easily in your beach bag or suit case if flying. Hrs of fun awaits you with this classic beach game.


stickemSuch a classic! We found this Stick Em set for under $5. We find this a great alternative game to play if you had a few drinks. Basically,  you throw it and it sticks…..amazing!


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