Helpful Hints on How to Pass Your Midterms and Finals

Panic? Anxiety? Loss of motivation? Must be test time! It’s funny how hard your body physically and mentally fights taking tests in college.  You will have to fight distractions and avoid your party friends but in the end we promise it will pay off. Follow these easy rules and we promise a successful midterm and final.

 Schedule Study Time

timerThere is absolutely nothing good on TV right now so you should have no excuse.  Managing your time is sort of what all these tests are preparing you for in real life. We found this Kongfu Panda Cute Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock that can remind you to “keep studying” and will let you know when your time is up!

Organize Study Materials

trapGather every note you have written/typed and put them in order. Once your notes are organized you can pick through and highlight what your professor is requiring you to know for the test. Buy your highlighters and flashcards in advance. They still make Trapper Keepers by the way!


Turn Off Your iphone/ipod/itouch/idon’t know

headphonesJust do it! As soon as you hear a “bing” from a text message you lose all concentration.  Multitasking while you are trying to study is a terrible idea. Try to limit all distractions so you can focus and study actively and not passively. Can’t escape the noise? Try some noise canceling headphones like these Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones for 30% off


Take Breaks

yogaThis doesn’t mean head to the bar. Take 10 minute breaks every hr to get up and stretch.  Maybe even pop in a yoga DVD. We have some great ones for cheap like Yoga for Beginners for $6



Worst case you fail and have to move back in with your parents… sooooo… yeah.. GET TO WORK!


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