I Was Going to Hire You….But Then I Saw Your Selfies : How College Grads Can Protect Themselves from Being Passed Up for an Interview

First impressions are now on the internet instead of in person. Potential employers will hit “NEXT” faster than you can take a selfie if you don’t get your social media under control. Google yourself…. What do you see? Most likely you will see a link to your Facebook profile. As a college graduate, it is a great time to re-evaluate your privacy settings and clean up your social media as you begin your job search.  It is estimated that 4 million students earn their degree each year and attempt to join the work force. With all the competition and social media being a key recruiting tool in 2014, you need to make sure you don’t mess up a good opportunity before it comes knocking.

Facebook: Carefully view your Facebook privacy policy and determine what you would like to keep “friends only”. Clear out any old “questionable” photos. A good rule of thumb to go by is “delete it if you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it”.  This means your 4 Spring Breaks in Panama City Beach pics have gotta go! Your friends can also cause damage by posting photos and tagging you at locations. Make sure that you set your profile to ask you to approve everything that anyone else tries to post on your wall.  Employers don’t want to see you checked into bars or partying every night. Even if your profile is totally private, employers can still see your profile photo and your cover shot. Make sure to update your profile and cover photo to something PG if it isn’t already.

Instagram: Just make it private… seriously.

Twitter:  Go back the last 5 months and review your tweets. Delete anything that sounds negative or rude to others, and of course all those late night rants. Employers can also see who you follow. Make sure to unfollow any crude accounts that may display bad behavior.  Profile photo and your about me section should be PG as well.

 LinkedIn: Your profile photo should be simple and just of you. HR departments and recruiters from all over are searching LinkedIn for college grads to fill positions. Your photo will be their first impression so make it professional.  We know your resume may be a little lackluster so make sure you update your profile with any internships or work experience you have had that caters to the field you’d like to work in. It’s also great to get your professors or mentor to write a recommendation for you.  You want to come across eager and accountable.



Gabe Coley


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