SHOCKING! How to Never Spend a Dime on Textbooks (and even make $ off them)

Did you know when you use you can sell your textbooks for more than you paid? It’s called supply and demand. Right now your textbooks are in high demand. Online book stores are in a frenzy to get their hands on your Spring 2014 textbooks for their Summer 2014 classes. The sooner you act the more money you can get back for all your textbooks. We know… it sounds weird that you can make money from the same system that is putting tons of college students in debt but it is true.

Bigwords searches Amazon, ValoreBooks,, Book Holders, TextbookRush,, Chegg, CampusBookRentals,, Bookbyte, SKYO, ECAMPUS.COM (just to name a few) in seconds.  Take the “barely even flipped through” The Humanistic Tradition Volume 1.  Type in the ISBN # 0077346270 and “POOF” all selling, buying, and renting options appear. Stores are offering $13.27  more than what you paid if you used BW to purchase in the start of the semester. By using Bigwords there is a good chance you’ll have very low (if any) textbook debt during your collegiate career.



Want to rent textbooks? We show you the lowest price to rent.

Want to sell textbooks? We show you the  highest amount you can get back.

Want to buy textbooks? We show you the cheapest copy available.

Now go forth and share this news to all your broke college friends who are paying way too much for their textbooks! Sharing is caring.

Hayden West


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