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Pretty soon you will be moving in to your new pad for fall semester.  Most of you will have roommates as living alone will not be an option until you are 30. A great way to save some money is to connect with your new roommates and figure out who is bringing what for group use in your new apartment or dorm.  Living with new people is always a challenge so our advice to you is to make your own room your sanctuary and take care of that living space before you commit to a $2,000 leather couch because your roommates are dying to “ball” hard for 2014. We here at never want you to live beyond your means and we took that in account as we searched the most common things you will need to purchase to make your room an oasis without over paying.

5 Piece Bedding Set


We love “bed in a bag” because it has everything you need to have a killer matching set up. This 5 Piece Bedding Set is reversible and machine washable.  The colors will look great with any color furniture you have in your bed room and looks sophisticated and classy. Don’t do what I did and bring a Sponge Bob Square Pants comforter and bed set to your first year in college. I am still living that down 10 years later.


24” LG Flat Screen TV


You will want your own TV in your room. We found this perfect sized 24” LG Flat Screen for 30% off retail when searching  It has a 2 year warranty and an amazing LED screen.

Mini Fridge


The one thing that will drive you nuts is when you come home after a long day and someone ate all your Hot Pockets. If there is one thing I know for fact, it’s that your roommate will eat your food. I don’t care if you are living with a nun, it will happen.  Protect your Hot Pockets in this Mini Dorm Fridge that we found on for under $90. This exact same fridge retails for over $160 at Target.

Storage and Shelving


You won’t be living in a master suite with walk in closets. Get real! It’s important to know the square feet you have in your room so you can buy storage and shelving solutions that allow the most use of the room. These functional 4 Tier Leo Shelves are awesome for storing undies, bras, socks, and anything else you can fold down. This storage solution will fit into the smallest closet and also looks good enough to be out in your room.  We particularly love the easy access baskets that can be taken out and if you need to sort through your 500 socks to find matching pairs. We found this storage solution for 70% off retail via  Isn’t such an amazing price comparison site?!

Inflatable Beanless Bag Chair

Beanless Bag Chair

Super comfortable and super functional! We love this Inflatable Beanless Bag Chair because you don’t have to have it as part of your décor 24/7. Inflate it when you want additional seating and when you have no need for it, deflate it and store it under your bed!  We found this dorm friendly chair for 50% below retail with free shipping.

On average saves you 40% more than Target and Walmart on your basic dorm room needs. Need anything? Give us a search first so you are guaranteed the lowest price, best form of shipping, and additional coupons if available.

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