Who’s psyched for the iPhone 6?

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Apple is holding its annual fall event on September 9th and rumors about the highly anticipated iPhone 6 are starting to heat up. When the phone finally is released, you’ll be able to find the best prices here on BIGWORDS – plus, you can search for great deals on accessories and older models through our site. While we wait in anticipation for the actual reveal, there are plenty of leaked details to satiate us for the next few weeks. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:


  • The phone will be bigger and come in two sizes. Following the “bigger is better” blueprint that other smartphone manufacturers adhere to these days, rumor has it that Apple intends to not only expand the size of the iPhone, but offer two different handsets. If reports are to be believed, we can expect 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models this fall.


  • Stronger screen casing. If you own an iPhone, changes are good that you’re unfortunately quite familiar with how fragile the current glass screen is. This time around, Apple has answered your prayers with a stronger, sapphire screen. This material is scratch-resistant and far more durable than glass.


  • Better camera. Instagram users rejoice! The iPhone 6 is said to improve upon the iPhone 5s – which has an eight-mexapixel camera – to a 10-megapixel device. Reports say that Apple is also making other enhancements to the iPhone camera, such an image stabilization and image enhancements.


  • Automatic unlocking. Sick of swiping and screen and entering a passcode to unlock your phone? The iPhone 6 will apparently have automatic unlocking – something Google just announced for its Android – which means that the phone will automatically sense when it is in a user’s home and workplace, and use that to unlock the device.


  • Increased storage and wireless charging. Currently, the iPhone maxes out at 64GB, but some experts believe that Apple will up the ante and the new model will have a 128GB version. Additionally, the days of frantically looking for an outlet to plug your phone into might be over – there are whispers that Apple finally made its phone capable of wireless charging.

If these reports are to be believed, the iPhone 6 is a serious upgrade for Apple consumers and those of you who held out for this new phone will be rewarded! Experts speculate that – based on past release dates – the iPhone 6 will be announced at the September 9th event and launch around 10 days later, on September 19th.

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