5 Halloween Costumes You Can Make Using an Umbrella

Halloween is about being creative. One of my favorite things to do is take a house hold object  and turn it into the staple piece of my Halloween costume.  You don’t have to spend a lot of  money to have a great costume this year! Take a look at these amazing costume ideas that use a prop you won’t throw away after Halloween.  And if it rains this year on Halloween, you will look like the smartest person EVER. Behold, awesome umbrella costumes!

Jelly Fish


What you need to do: Get a clear umbrella. You can use all kinds of materials as the stingers, such as thin strips of bubble wrap, string, ribbons, or fabric.



What you need to do: Get a black umbrella that you can rip apart, a black outfit, and bat ears, which can be made out of felt.

Morton Salt Girl


What you need to do: Get an off white umbrella, a yellow dress, mary jane shoes, and a wig. Purchase and industrial size Morton’s Salt container and empty it to use as purse.

Raining Cats and Dogs


What you need to do: Get any color umbrella and a yellow rain coat. Staple a few stuffed cats and dogs on to the top and badda bing! It’s raining cats and dogs.

Mary Poppins

marry poppin

What you need to do: Get a black umbrella, picnic bag, white gloves, boots, and you pretty much have this Marry Poppins look down. Make sure to not skimp on the red lipstick as it ties the look together.


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