Be Cheap Without Looking Cheap: How to Throw a Classy Halloween Party on a Budget

Are you so over lame Halloween party decor and want to class it up!? Look no further as we show you how to decorate your college apartment or dorm for a “super cute” Halloween party with items that won’t break the bank.

Glitter Chandelier


The Glitter Chandelier is the perfect common room decoration for your classy gal Halloween party.  The kit also comes with glitter bats, glitter spiders, glitter crows, and glitter everything!  This 17 piece decoration set was found discounted for $8.99 with FREE shipping and handling through

Skel-a-Flamingos (Set of 2)


These Skel-a-Flamingos are the cutest yard accessories and were found discounted down to $17.81 with shipping included.  They stand 22” tall and would look perfect in your yard. If you wanted to bring them in doors, grab some foam blocks from the Home Depot for their little leg stakes and put them on the buffet table as a centerpiece.

Sugar Skull Halloween Pillow Cover


Adorable linen Sugar Skull Halloween Pillow Cover measure 18” x 18” and adds an incredible touch of décor to any couch or arm chair.  At a found discounted rate of $2.88 a piece you can buy a ton of these and really make your sitting areas look so well decorated.  We love the fact you can wash them if wine is spilt.

Halloween Wine Label Stickers


No party is a party without wine! We suggest asking your guest to bring over 1 bottle of their choice so you can sample all sorts during your party. These Halloween Wine Label Stickers are such a cool way to decorate the bottles that are on display or in ice buckets. Did we mention they are glow in the dark? We found them discounted packs of 8 labels for $1.99. Yes…under $2 bucks!


Vintage Hollywood Costume


No hostess would be complete without a classy costume. There are literally hundreds of discounted costumes online when you use to search. No need for fishnets and cuffs anymore, when you can wear this Vintage Hollywood Costume for under $20 (shipping included). We also found a ton of discounted accessories when searching through  Start brainstorming and start price comparing on to see what you can find discounted. Paying full retail is just SCARY!




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