Alien: Isolation, A Terrifying First Person Survival Game

If you’re a fan of the Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi horror series and if spending hours navigating, no, trying to survive in a disturbingly realistic, desolate space station that resembles a gruesome crime scene, while being stalked by a deadly xenomorphic, sounds like you’re idea of a cozy October night in, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the recently released Alien: Isolation.

Referred to as “frightenly brilliant”, “An Hour In Hell” and “the true meaning of fear” by fans and game critics, Alien: Isolation is the perfect way to set the mood for the Halloween festivities to come.



And what’s better than a perfectly timed horror themed video game release? You can grab it for less than retail ($59.99) on



Alien: Isolation PS4 from $50.45*



Alien: Isolation XBOX from $49.99* (new)

**prices subject to change based on product availability


We should warn, to better prepare yourself for the dark hallways of the Sevastopol or if this is your first Alien experience ever, you may want to live, well…soundlyvicariously through the movie series first, before blindly delving into this terrifying first person survival game.



Alien (Blue Ray) from $5.45 new



Aliens Two Disc Collection from $4.00



Alien 3 (Blue Ray) from $5.99



Alien Resurrection from $6.00



Alien Triple Pack from $10.03




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