The Top Six Killer Toy Flicks

While just about every kid around fantasizes about his or her toys magically coming to life, Toy Story-style, pretty much no one leaves a movie theater after screening a movie like Annabelle hoping that reality will imitate fantasy. Still viewers flocked to the theaters this month to get terrified by the based-on-a-true-story tale of a doll possessed by a demonic spirit. The film has scored box office records worldwide and became an instant classic among horror film connoisseurs.





Annabelle isn’t the only movie that makes toys terrifying. Below is a list of six of our favorite flicks that will ensure you keep your toy chest locked at night.


1. Puppet Master


You could say Puppet Master is a lot like Pinocchio – but with lots of death and evil. The original movie was so popular that it’s spawned 10 sequels. It’s the perfect series to catch up with on a dark and rainy October weekend.

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2. Child’s Play


When a voodoo-practicing serial killer transfers his soul into an innocent-looking doll named Chucky, it’s safe to say nothing good is going to happen. The doll is purchased by a single mother who gives it to her son and … well, you can probably fill in the blanks. In fact, so much happens that Child’s Play became a successful horror movie franchise spanning nearly three decades.

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3. Dolly Dearest

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So, imagine your dad is a nice guy trying to provide for his family – and decides to buy a doll factory in Mexico. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done his research and the factory happens to be next to a satanic grave. Consequently, a newly released demonic spirit decides to take refuge in the factory’s dolls. Oops.

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4. Magic 


Ventriloquist dummies are pretty creepy on their own – but killer dummies? SUPER scary.

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5. Demonic Toys 


As the title suggests, this movie is about, well, demonic toys – small, killer toys that are minions of an evil demon, to be precise. The demon is on a search for a human body to inhabit and increase his powers, and he uses the toys to do his bidding. A cult classic, for sure.

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6. Tourist Trap 


Hey there, killer mannequins controlled by a crazy man with telekinetic powers! True, mannequins aren’t technically toys, but they’re close enough – and this movie is definitely creepy enough to make our list.

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