Gift Ideas For The Guys In Our Lives

If you haven’t started thinking about your holiday shopping yet – it’s time. While women tend to be on the easy side, shopping-wise – clothes or jewelry and they’re set – men often require a little more creativity. Luckily for you, we researched some of the coolest gifts and gadgets out there so you don’t have to. And, best of all, they’re all available through BIGWORDS at the lowest prices available!


Beer foamer


Wine connoisseurs are so 2010. Craft beer has never been more popular and brew enthusiasts are everywhere. For someone who really knows beer, the amount and consistency of the foam is key – and this highly rated menu beer foamer by Norm Architects can transform a lackluster brew into a tap-worthy delight.


DKnight Magicbox Ultra Portable Wireless Speaker


It’s no secret than men love their gadgets and toys. If your man doesn’t really need a fancy Bose system but deserves better than a cheap, $20 drug store speaker, we recommend this one by DKnight. It’s compatible with tons of different smartphones and tablets, and supports wireless streaming through its Bluetooth compatibility.

Sports team meat brander
Perfect for the guy whose man cave serves as a shrine to his favorite sports teams, a meat brander allows him to pledge his loyalty at barbeques, tailgates and regular old Saturday nights.


Dopp travel kit


If the man in your life travels a lot, chances are that he needs a kit in which to keep his shaving supplies, tooth brush and other toiletries. We love this spacious case from Leatherology, but if it’s not your style – or within your price range – a simple search for “Dopp kit” on our site brings up a variety of options, colors and prices.


Joby GorillaPod Stand


In recent years, practically everyone with a smartphone camera fancies himself a photographer. If your dad, boyfriend or brother fits the bill, the Joby GorillaPod Stand is the perfect gift. It’s easy to transport and can be set up anywhere to capture that group shot, beautiful sunset or perfect kegstand.


Two-way radio


Men are really just big kids at heart, right? Whether your dad would relish using a glorified walkie talkie to communicate with your mom while he’s fixing those leaky basement pipes or your these would be perfect for your boyfriend and his frat buddies to use during events, pretty much every man can find a purpose for this super-cool gift.


Garmin Forerunner


If you’re splurging this year – or splitting the cost of a big gift with siblings – and the guy in your life is active, a Garmin Forerunner is the perfect gift. The 310XT tracks bike and run data, can be uploaded to your computer to track progress, measures paces and distances, and can be worn in the water. Whether your boyfriend is training for his first 10k or your dad is a seasoned triathlete, Garmin is the way to go.

Cards Against Humanity


A genius Kickstarter project turned one of the greatest, raunchiest, laugh till you cry mad-lib’esque games ever created. Just trust us on this one.

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