Got Nostalgia? Old School Toys We’d Gift Our Children Just To Play With Again

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. After all, what else is keeping Buzzfeed in business except for our desire to read awesome lists like, “You might be a 90’s kid if …” and taking quizzes trying to determine which Nickelodeon character from your childhood you’re most like? So, with the holidays coming up, we want to know – which of your favorite toys from childhood are on your wish list this year? Below are a few of our favorites that you can buy on BIGWORDS for cheap – tell us in the comments what we missed!


American Girl Dolls 


The stories of Molly, Samantha, Kirsten and Felicity are timeless, and girls of all ages are still crazy about American Girl Dolls. They’ve become big business in recent years as they’ve expanded beyond the few characters first portrayed in the books and the company has opened numerous stores nationwide.



In retrospect, they’re really just creepy Gremlin knock-offs, huh?


Rock’em Sock’em Robots


Be honest. How many hours did you waste with your friends duking it out on that little yellow platform? Probably more time than you’d like to admit.


Beanie Babies


Oh good Lord – who could forget the Beanie Babies craze? Back in the day, people paid thousands of dollars for some of the most rare stuffed animals. Amazingly, some of them are still pretty valuable, with the Valentino Beanie Baby fetching $30,000.




Collecting those character cards once seemed like the most important thing in the world, didn’t it? Believe it or not, Pokemon are still pretty popular among kiddos.


Easy Bake Oven


The Easy Bake Oven is a pretty timeless toy for all kids hoping to make barely edible cakes via a plastic contraption. Still, it kept many of us entertained for hours on end.



Regular Gak was such a hit that Nickelodeon followed it up with glow-in-the-dark, scented and color-changing variations on the material. It became Nickelodeon’s most popular “compound.”



If you were able to maintain interest in your digital pet long enough to keep it alive for more than a week, we applaud you.

Hayden West


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