Tips for throwing a killer New Year’s Eve party


New Year’s Eve is one of those annoying holidays where finding something to do is a total hassle, but you don’t really want to sit at home alone. Unfortunately, bars tend to jack up drink prices and charge ridiculous covers, so unless you’re prepared to drop some serious cash, you might be out of luck when it comes to ringing in the new year. Unless, that is, you decide to throw your own unforgettable bash. Below are some words of wisdom to ensure that your New Year’s Eve party is the place to be to usher in 2015.

Get an early start on planning. If you decide to wait to search for stylish “2015” glasses until December 30th, chances are that you’ll be out of luck. To increase your chances of procuring party supplies, get started with your shopping sooner rather than later. Also, set up that Facebook invite as soon as possible – you don’t want to miss the boat on getting all of your closest friends to attend.

Load up on gear. Speaking of getting started with planning … everyone knows that a killer New Year’s Eve party must have plenty of hats, tiaras and horns for guests. We know, we know, this can get really expensive. Luckily, for you, we have the best deals on New Year’s props available, like this 100-person party pack. Just do a search for “New Year’s Eve Party” on BIGWORDS and get shopping!

Create the perfect playlist. Chances are that a deejay isn’t really in your party budget. A party is really only as good as the tunes you’re spinning, Make sure to craft the perfect party playlist that excludes all the “throwaway” songs you keep on your iPod. After all, people got sick of “Gangnum Style” by the middle of 2013.

Serve a signature cocktail. A keg is definitely a must for your party, but if you really want to create an unforgettable soiree, serve a creative cocktail. A simple Internet search can pull up thousands of ideas for delicious drinks to add a touch of class to your party. Speaking of, plastic classy glasses never hurt anybody. No really, they’re accident proof.

Be safe. Unfortunately, drunk driving runs rampant on New Year’s Eve and the roads can be a dangerous place. While a handy keychain breathalyzer is a great indicator of intoxication levels, make sure that you have a plan for guests getting home safely, whether that means mandating designated drivers and cabs, or allowing people to spend the night at your home. When it comes to drinking and driving, you’re always better off safe than sorry.


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