Welcomes NEEBO to Our Price Comparison Database

We just added NEEBO to our sites we price compare to get you the cheapest rentals and used textbooks. What the heck is NEEBO you ask?  They are one of the largest suppliers of textbooks in the nation, so if you’ve ever bought a textbook in-store or online, odds are they got it from Neebo. In one way or another they have touched virtually every college student nationwide. Ever rent or buy books from the local bookstore? They own over 250 campus bookstores nationwide. In fact, Neebo houses millions of textbooks that are shipped to millions of students on every campus every semester.

Neebo has some of the lowest prices we have ever seen and has an incredible customer service and a deep inventory. What does this mean for you? It increases your chances of finding the absolute cheapest copy of your textbook when you used to search all you ISBN#s for the semester.

Other sites we pull the cheapest inventory from include:






Barnes and Noble











Valore Books

Gabe Coley

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  1. sherry February 16, 2015 Reply

    Please remove Neebo from your referral list. They have awful customer service. I have been using BigWords for about 4 years with wonderful service from all of the book companies you have referred, until Neebo. I rented a book, got it and promptly returned it and have been trying to confirm that they received it and credited my account. It is impossible to get a straight answer from this company. I have chatted, unsuccessfully, been disconnected from 2 chats and have spoken with someone that tells me they are extremely busy checking in books from last semester. It’s February 12. If they’re this busy in February, I don’t think you should be referring any additional business to them. They can’t handle anymore orders. I checked recent reviews and they pretty much duplicate what I say. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They can’t handle it. I told them I would fight the credit card charge and they said Okay. AVOID NEEBO!!!!

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