New Year’s Resolutions That Any College Student Can Keep




If your winter break has been busy, it’s possible that by the time the clock struck midnight on January 1st, you still hadn’t spent any time thinking about a New Year’s Resolution. While it might be obvious to some people that they need to make particular changes in their lives, it can be a bit more difficult for others to come up with an area for improvement or a goal. This is especially true for college students, who often have the freedom of adulthood without the responsibilities, like bills or a full-time job.


If you’d like to jump on the resolution bandwagon, but are struggling to think of a “good one,” don’t worry. We’ve taken the time to think of a few that might be good for you.


Volunteer. Maybe you don’t have the time to dedicate an entire day each week to sorting items at a homeless shelter, but setting aside just a couple of hours once a week to walk dogs at the local shelter or visit with an elderly person at a nursing home can make a big difference. Commit to taking a little bit of time each week to doing some good in your community.


Take a risk and try something new. No, we’re not talking about climbing Mount Everest. But work on getting outside your comfort zone. This can be something as seemingly minor as joining a new club, taking a dance class or reading your poetry at an open mic night.


Visit family more. It’s so easy to get swept up in the fun and energy of college life, and forget to make time for people outside of your bubble. But that grandparent that lives only a couple of hours away would probably love to see you – and taking a day every couple of months to spend with him or her really isn’t going to kill your social life.


Be more helpful. You don’t need to make an announcement about some big way you’re going to impact the world – sometimes, the small gestures no one knows about are the most meaningful and serve as the most powerful examples of humility. This can be something as simple as picking up trash you see on campus or offering your notes to that kid who was out sick for a whole week. Reach out more.


Host get-togethers. There’s a trend among college students that it’s generally the same people who host parties. The people who invest the time, money and space to do this would probably like a break once-in-a-while – so buck up and organize your own get-together. You don’t need to host a raging party at your apartment, but something as simple as a pot luck or game night can be an awesome way to get people together in new, fun, creative ways.

Meghan Schalk


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