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The Academy Awards will be held on February 22nd – which means time is running out to watch all of those films you swore you’d see when nominations were announced last year. While other awards shows have given us all a glimpse into the front-runners for each category, who really cares what a bunch of stuffy old voters think, right? Order the Best Picture nominees through BIGWORDS and cast your own vote for the best movie of the year!


American Sniper – The controversial Clint Eastwood movies is still out in theaters, but if you’re the type who prefers curling up on your own couch to sitting in a theater with 100 other people, then pre-order your copy today.


The Grand Budapest Hotel – An all-star cast including Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton rounds out this quirky Wes Anderson nominee.


Selma – To call this movie “important” would be an understatement. It chronicles the 1965 voting rights marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr., James Bevel, Hosea Williams and John Lewis that took place throughout Alabama, and the struggle for equal rights.


The Theory of Everything – Although biopics are often met with skepticism, this beautifully done account of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s life has been widely acclaimed.


Birdman – Surprisingly, many hadn’t heard of this movie until it started killing at awards shows. We can probably expect to see the same at the Oscars this year. Welcome back, Michael Keaton!


The Imitation Game – Another biopic that has been well-received (obviously, right?), Benedict Cumberbatch stars as mathematician Alan Turing – a World War II hero turned pariah.


Boyhood – It takes a lot of patience to film a movie over the course of 12-year – but that’s only one of the details that makes this coming-of-age drama by Richard Linklater great. This flick is a little long, but worth it.


Whiplash – A fictional account of a jazz student seeking to become one of the greats, this drama is a dark horse – don’t be surprised if it finishes on top.


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