Summer Slim Down


Yikes! Was that the first word that left your mouth after shedding your winter coat? Most Americans gain 5 pds during the winter months. The gain is slow so you may not even realize it until you try to button your summer shorts. Here are some easy ways to burn fat fast and some foods that will help while also keeping you full.

Burn it

My old roommate in college used to say “If you can’t tone it, tan it”. That can only get you so far. You can actually get trim in “20 min” says Fitness editor Mary Anderson. High intensity cardio that tones head to toe and isn’t tough on the joints is all the new rage (Extend Barre, Pilates, etc).  With a Spri 5ft Flat Band ($11) you can get just as toned as you would in a $100 a month studio.  Click here to 33 Moves that you can do in your apartment or dorm that burns fat fast!

Feel Full Not “Hangry?”

There are foods out there that are incredibly low calorie that will ward off the “hangry”. These 6 foods are just the right combination of nutrients; volume, flavor, and even texture that will help control your appetite that you can keep in your apartment.


It’s loaded with fiber! Fiber consumption leaves you satisfied for hours by slowing digestion. The texture of popcorn also helps slow down your eating so your brain has a faster response to knowing you are full. Pick up an Air Popcorn Machine for $25 bucks!






Rye Crisps:

See ya toast! Rye has a special type of fiber called viscous fiber. This kind of fiber expands in your gut to slow digestion (don’t worry, it’s not visible). You’ll be less hungry. We recommend Wasa or Ryvita which can be bought in bulk to save.





HOT HOT HOT! Yet this chili pepper sauce are rich in the appetite suppressant capsaicin. This sauce heats your body which ups your calorie burn and helps you feel fuller. Plus, you can put sriracha on literally anything!




Portobello Mushrooms:

High in glutamate which is an amino acid. Research has yet to find out just why this amino acid is so filling but maybe the meaty taste plays a large role. Don’t be afraid to buy dried Portobello mushrooms in bulk. They will last forever and it’s way more cost efficient.



NOT FRENCH FRIES (we know what you were thinking!). Potatoes that have been cooked and cooled contain a resistant starch. This carb passes through your intestines where bacteria feed on it (soo groooosss) and generates a substance called short-chain fatty acids which cause a reaction the tells your brain you are full without over eating. So no “hot potato” only eat them cooled for this effect.



Dark Chocolate:

Add a little to your yogurt or cereal. This natural antioxidant is high in protein and will make you feel full longer. Don’t be scared to buy in bulk either…



Still want more info on how to slim down? We have a whole Pinterest dedicated to fitness called TONE IT. Check it out for clothing, easy at home exercises, recipes, and more!


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