Stay Safe Kids: Five Safety Tips For Traveling This Summer


Whether you’re a street-smart kid from the city or a southern belle from a small town, traveling abroad is a stressful undertaking fraught with preparation and challenges – not the least of which is staying safe. Traveling out the country can make a person particularly vulnerable, regardless of where you go and it’s important that you understand the importance of being smart and staying safe. We have some tips to help you stay safe when you’re traveling abroad this summer.

Be prepared.

While it might be great fun to travel to a new place two hours from where you live and playing it by ear, traveling to a different country is a completely different ballgame. It’s critical that you be prepared, from the maps you use to what you pack. Bring a copy of your passport, just in case, and, if possible, register with your embassy. Keep in mind that pharmacies in other places are different, which means that you might not be able to get certain medications and items that you might need – so make sure to have enough. Pre-purchase things like power adapters and be sure to bring extras.

Stay organized.

Scams for robbing tourists abound in foreign countries, so stay on your guard at all times. While you might laugh at the prospect of wearing a fanny pack, seasoned travelers often swear that they are a safer bet for carrying items like cash and passports, which can be easily swiped out of a backpack on a train or in a busy area. Separate your money so if your wallet does go missing, you’re not stranded without any cash.

Have a buddy.

While some people love traveling alone, it’s not the safest option. If possible, travel with a friend or buddy and watch out for each other. If you are on your own, make sure that someone knows where you plan to go each day, whether this means telling the hotel concierge or emailing a family member your plans.

Be aware of foreign customs.

In certain areas of the world, wearing certain clothing or behaving in a certain manner can be perceived as highly offensive – in some areas of the world, cultural taboos can actually land you in jail. Before you travel somewhere new, do your research and make sure that you behave according to cultural standards, no matter how outrageous they might seem to you. Remember, traveling to another country is like walking into someone else’s home and it’s important to be respectful.

Get travelers insurance.

That option for travelers insurance might seem like a scam or an extra expense that a poor college student just doesn’t need, but it will be worth it if you find yourself the victim of a theft abroad or experience an injury that requires medical care. Remember: When it comes to traveling abroad, you’re better off safe than sorry!

Hayden West


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