B2S Fun But Essential Must-Haves

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It seems like summer just began – and the sun is still scorching – but the upcoming school year is just around the corner. If you haven’t started your back-to-school shopping yet, it’s time to start thinking about hanging up your bathing suit and pulling out your credit card. Not sure how to get out of “summer vacation mode” and start your back-to-school shopping? Don’t worry – we have a few essentials to kickstart the new school year for you!


Between Birkenstocks, jelly shoes and crop tops, it’s pretty obvious that the 90s are back – so why not go all the way by investing in a Jansport backpack. If retro isn’t really your scene, we have plenty of others to choose from, including basic styles, popular messenger bags and offbeat carriers.




Computer cases.

If you simply throw your laptop into your backpack along with your books, pens and other miscellaneous items, it will get beat up very quickly. Getting a protective case for your machine can keep it from getting banged up and extend its life. You could settle for plain black if you aren’t the flashy type or go for something a little more “fun, “ like this boho case from TOPCASE or a colorful iBenzer model.




USB stick.

You’ll definitely need an easy way to store and transport files, especially if you heed our advice and use the school library to print off papers and important documents. In the 21st century, we’re able to make even the most boring, simplest technology fun, so check out some of our more creative USB sticks, like a lipstick tube, ice cream sandwich, wine cork and – for the real weirdos out there – human thumb.





iPad cases.

Like with your laptop, you don’t want to run the risk that your precious iPad will get destroyed from the wear-and-tear of throwing it in your backpack. There are tons of cool iPad cases out there, like this TOPSKY kickstand case, the ULAK tribal print case and this leather one with sleep and wake features. If you’re more the “simple” type, we also have plenty of standard cases.



Wallet for your school I.D.

Going with the “throw it into the bottom of your backpack” method of storing your student I.D. is just asking for trouble. Get yourself a carrying case or wallet for your I.D., like, a durable coin purse, stylish holder, or something a bit wackier.



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