Five Things You May Need To Make Midterm Studying Bearable

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It feels like you just started classes, right? Wrong. Things are in full swing and, believe it or not, midterms are coming up faster than you can say “beer me.” While studying is sure to put a damper on your fun for a few weeks, it doesn’t need to make life unbearable. We have some products that will help you get through midterms with as little pain as possible – and even make studying a little fun.

Fun flash drives

You’ll need a way to save all of those late-night papers you’re drafting, right? Sure, you can opt for a regular old flash drive (and we have plenty of those), but you might as well have a little fun with the process. A few of our favorites include flash drives in the shape of a Lego, OPI nail polish bottle, hamburger and human finger. (We know the last one is creepy, but you’ve got to admit that it’s cool.)

Coffee maker

Unfortunately, most coffee shops aren’t open around the clock, so if you’re not prepared, you’ll be SOL when you need a caffeine jolt at 3 am. We have tons of different kinds of coffee makers, from the reasonably priced Mr. Coffee models to single serve Black & Decker brewers to the fanciest Keurigs around.

Travel mug

You’ll need a way to transport all of that coffee you’re making – especially if you’d like to avoid spending a fortune at Starbucks. The Copco 24-ounce mug maximizes your portable coffee, we carry Kate Spade designs for the fashion-conscious and the Zojirushi model lets everyone know that when it comes to coffee, you don’t mess around.

Desk lamp

If you’re living in a dorm room with a direct roommate, you understand that overhead lighting can be a luxury during late-night study sessions when your bunkmate is asleep. Investing in a desk lamp is key to keeping your momentum going when they sun is down. A few of our favorites are the Wiitek dimmable LED lamp,  pretty Creative Motion resin table lamp, flexible faux sapling light, panda lamp and classic Tiffany table model.


Many of us do our best studying to our favorite tunes – but blasting a stereo in a library or public place won’t go over well with the masses. Invest in a set of great headphones, like Monster Beats by Dre earbuds, a high-end Bose headset or just a simple replacement for your reliable Apple earbuds.

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