Holiday Gift Guide: Cheap And Quirky Gift Ideas For Friends

It’s great to have a big circle of friends – until the holidays roll around and you realize that you have a million people to buy presents for. This week in our holiday gift guide, we have fun novelty gift ideas under $25 that are perfect for your friends this holiday season.

Thumbs Up! Day and Night Heat Sensitive Mug

Is one of your friends an aspiring globe-trotter? Pick up one of these mugs, which lights up to reveal the topography of a world map when it’s filled with coffee or another hot liquid. When it gets cold, the mug “goes dark,” highlighted by pinpricks of light where the world’s major cities are.

Sport Titan Fruit Infused Water Bottle 

Your health-conscious, environmentally friendly bestie will love this 27-ounce travel water bottle, which has a fruit chamber in the middle to create tasty drinks. The bottle is 100% BPA free and can withstand both subfreezing and boiling temperatures.

Ticket Stub Diary 

That hipster friend of yours who’s always bragging about discovering bands before they’re famous will love this ticket stub diary. The sleeves and acid-free pages store all kinds of tickets – from concerts to sporting events to museum entries – and preserve them for years to come.

Socksmith Taco Socks 

There’s not much to say about these taco socks except that the bro in your crew will love them.

Ooma Bowl

 These quirky stoneware bowls are great for anything from chips and salsa to tomato soup with pieces of grilled cheese sandwiches. If one of your friends is big on entertaining or food presentation, picking up a couple of these won’t break the bank and will likely be a big hit.

TOPS Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Is one of your friends a little New Agey and Phoebe Buffay-like? Then she (or he) will love this tea leaf reading kit to get her started on looking into her friends’ futures. The kit comes with a history of the practice, instructions, dictionary of symbols and a bag of loose tea.

POOF Max Boom Table Tennis Set 

We all have that friend who likes to turn everything into a competition and this portable table tennis set lets him (or her) take the game with him anywhere. The paddles make a drumbeat sound when they connect to the ball, adding a twist (or extra annoyance) to traditional ping pong sets.

Pick-A-Palooza Pick Punch 

As any of your musician friends can attest, guitar picks are easy to lose – but a pick punch assures that you’re never in short supply. This stainless steel pick punch comes with a starter kit that can make up to 20 picks and enables an individual to make picks from just about anything, including old credit cards and hotel room key cards.

Abeego Natural Beeswax Food Saving Wraps 

Plastic wrap and aluminum foil aren’t just unfriendly to the environment – they’re not super effective for storing food. If one of your friends loves to hang in the kitchen and cook, pick up a set of these Abeego beeswax wraps that claim to keep food fresher, longer.

The Mug with a Hoop 

The jock in your group of your friends will be able to take playing with his (or her) food to a new level with this basketball-themed mug. The hoop is the perfect size to shoot mini-marshmallows and cereal.

Gabe Coley


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