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If you play your cards right, you can make enough cash from selling your books to fund all the adventuring you can dream of this summer. To save you time in finding the best deals for textbook reselling, we compiled a list of the top five sites out there so you don’t need to waste hours scouring the Web. – Compares all offers to sell textbooks at once

We’re not just tooting our own horn … we really do find you the best deals out there. Using BIGWORDS is the smartest way to sell textbooks because we do all of the work for you. Our Uber-BOT combs the Internet to pull and price compare offers from over  50 vendors at once – including every site on this list. This means that you get deals from all of the top buyback sites in one place, so you don’t need to do individual searches on each one.

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This site is undeniably one of the top textbook buyback retailers out there and they offer a very high pricetag for books. Unfortunately, though, unlike many other sites, they won’t give you cash in exchange for your textbooks – they only pay sellers with store credit. If you’re planning to do all of your shopping through Amazon, this might be your best bet, but if you really need cash, keep looking.


Although Chegg has tons of different services these days – like tutoring and music giveaways – the company started off as a site through which to buy and sell textbooks, and that’s still its primary identity. If you’re selling books, this is a great Website to check out. Chegg offers competitive pricing for sellers seeking cash payment and even better pricing for people willing to settle for store credit. If you’re ok with putting money in the bank for future textbook purchases, it’s worth checking out Chegg.


It’s one of the lesser-known textbook retailers out there, but Bookbyte comes in strong among its competition. The company offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry and will pay sellers in cash – making it a pretty hot commodity. To get a quote on a buyback price, simply visit the website, enter in your book info and print out a quote and mailing label. It’s a pretty easy process and Bookbyte boasts a quick turnaround on payments. has been around for a long time now and they’re still going strong. However, unlike other websites that basically process everything for you, isn’t technically a buyback site – it’s a marketplace where you can list items for sale. So, you work directly with the actual people buying the books, rather than an organization. This also means that you and the buyer must arrange shipping yourselves – there’s no easy-to-print label or drop-off process. Still, is a contender in the buyback market and it’s worth checking out.

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