Survive Airport Crowds With These Holiday Travel Essentials

Traveling during the holidays is a pain in the neck. Plane tickets are more expensive, travel is brutal and airports are crowded with frustrated travelers coping with flight delays and cancellations. It’s enough to make even the biggest holiday enthusiast hunker down at home with enough provisions to last a month.


While we can’t control the traffic and crowds you’re bound to face during holiday travel, we can help ease your pain a bit. Below are a few “must-have” items that will help you survive the holiday travel rush without losing your cool.


Kindle – Don’t rely on your smartphone to help you deal with delays and traffic jams. Use the time to catch up on all of those books that you keep promising to read. And a Kindle allows you to store tons of reading material and still pack light – after all, checked bags are expensive!


Travel pillow – If you’re going to suffer the embarrassment of being that passenger who falls asleep, with his mouth hanging agape, you might as well be comfortable. While there are tons of travel pillows out there – and you can even pick up one at the airport gift shop if you don’t remember to plan in advance – we recommend the J. Pillow. It was named the British Invention of the Year in 2013, so it must be good, right?

Ostrich Pillow – For those of you who just want to sleep and really don’t care what others think. Keep it on the entire commute and no one will ever know who was wearing it anyway.


Carry-on bag – Carry-on luggage is a constant source of debate and headaches when boarding a plane. Whether you’re in the final boarding group – and there’s no overhead space left when you get on – or your bag is just a tad too packed to fit in the bin, it creates a lot of anxiety for passengers. If you’re searching for the perfect bag – easy to transport and as big as possible without exceeding size constraints – we recommend this Samsonite wheeled duffel bag.


Passport case – If you’re one of those lucky stiffs who is traveling off to an exotic locale over the holidays – or are an exchange student heading home – there’s one very big item you can’t afford to forget or lose: Your passport. To help you keep track of all of your essential overseas items, we recommend investing in a passport travel case, like this one from Cosmos, which has room for all of your travel documentation, credit cards and other critical items.


Jumper cables – Imagine you decide to jump in your car and head home the minute classes are out. Late at night, you decide to pull into a gas station to grab some snacks for the road – and when you return to your car and turn your key, you hear your engine turnover. Waiting for AAA or another emergency roadside service can take hours. But if you have a set of jumper cables, you can avoid turning this inconvenience into an all-night ordeal and be back on the road in just 20 minutes. Plus, if it happens again along your route – which can happen with dead batteries –you’re prepared.

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