10 Study Tips To Help You Nail Your Midterms




Your bags are packed and you’re more than ready to spend a week far, far away from textbooks, classrooms and libraries. There’s only one problem: Midterms still stand in the way between you and the best Spring Break ever. And the last thing you want is to be sipping cocktails on the beach, worried that you didn’t come through on your tests and papers. Have no fear – we have 10 tips to help you nail your midterms so you can fully enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


  • While we don’t recommend blowing off any of your tests, some require more time and attention. Make a study plan before you sit down and try to tackle five classes. This will keep you organized and help with time management.


  • Study what you don’t know. Comb through your notes, outlines and books to determine your weak areas and focus most of your study time on those topics. There’s no point in restudying what you already know.


  • Stick to a routine. Get up, eat breakfast, work out and commit to studying for the rest of the day. Do this every day. Deviating from your routine can lead to procrastination and the loss of valuable study hours.


  • Do a deep dive. Take a critical look at those things you don’t know to ensure that you really understand the material. If you can’t grasp it, you can’t remember it on test day.


  • Take advantage of office hours. Once you’ve gone through your notes and understand what you don’t understand, consult with your professor. Show up prepared with questions to ensure that you make the most of your – and your professor’s – time.


  • Set up your study spot. Whether you prefer to study at a specific desk in the library or at home with lit candles and Bon Iver on repeat (no judgment), set up a study spot that will help you be more productive and distraction-free.


  • Take breaks. We get it – there aren’t enough hours in the day. But 18-hour study days will leave you burned out and tired on exam day. Schedule in time for snack breaks, workouts and other activities that will help you recharge.


  • Don’t overdo it on sugar and caffeine. While drinking tons of coffee might give you a jolt to power through a long study session, it can eventually work against you. Crashing from a sugar or caffeine rush can leave you feeling lethargic, tired, and unproductive. Make sure you stick to your usual caffeine routine so your body doesn’t adversely react.


  • Get enough sleep. There’s no point in pulling an all-nighter studying for a big test if you’re just going to crash when you sit down to actually take the exam. Make sure that you’re well-rested so you can be alert and efficient from day one of studying until your very last midterm.


  • Work with others. Although you might be someone who prefers to study alone, having at least one group study session can give you a greater understanding of material. Keep in mind that individuals often have different perspectives and an angle you didn’t consider might make a huge different for your test score.
Meghan Schalk


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