Why Renting Textbooks Isn’t Always The Cheapest Option

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According to the College Board, textbooks cost the average college student $1200 each year – and the cost just continues to go up.

To combat these growing costs, students are increasingly renting textbooks – the National Association of College Stores estimates that one-third of college students rent at least one textbook each year. But is this really the best option for obtaining textbooks?  

Not necessarily. When you rent books, there’s no opportunity for you to get any return on your investment by selling back books at the end of the semester. Additionally, you could be held liable for damage to a rented textbook. So, suddenly between both the rental and replacement fees, that coffee you spilled during a late-night study session might end up costing you more – – than if you’d just bought a brand-new book. Additionally, keep in mind that a book rental is like renting a library book – and if you fail to return it by the due date, you might incur late fees.

Before you decide that renting is your best option, also consider whether or not the book you need is something that would serve you well to own. If it’s for a class that you’re getting out of the way to fulfill a requirement, chances are you won’t have any use for that book again. But if the course material is related to your major or an area of special interest for you, it might be a good idea to snag a book that you can hold on to past the duration of the class.

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In sum: Renting isn’t always your best option. So before you make a decision, make sure you weigh all of your options.

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