5 Super Foods That Can Manage Your Stress And Make You Smarter During Finals


Finals are stressful but there are ways you can manage your stress just by eating.. yes.. eating!!!! Take a look at some of the best foods you can eat and what they do to help your brain! It’s pretty cool to know you can snack your way to a better grade just by adding these 5 things to your diet.


avacadoMix this super food in with your “scramby” eggs to improve circulation which is super important for brain function.  Pick up an Avacado Slicer for under $10 to make it easy on yourself.




blueberryBlueberries are the best food for you period. They literally are the best food you can possibly cosume during finals because they are 1. high in fiber, 2. they do not spike your blood sugar, 3. they help reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and improve memory,  AND last but not least 4. Blueberries are the most powerful anti-stress foods you can ever eat!






treatdispProtein, fiber, and good fatty acids are found in most nuts. The complex carbs will keep you awake and focused while the protein will ward off hunger during class.  The vitamin E contained in most nuts also helps brain function.  Use your jedi hand motions with this Motion Activated Snack Dispenser to make it more fun.








feedingWhat am I? A squirrel? It’s pretty gross to see anyone in class slurping down a bunch of sun flower seeds BUT while they are making you want to vomit with their gross slurp* noises, know this, the seeds are high in protein and stress reducing antioxidants.  Seeds also contain magnesium to help brain function.  We like the idea of  installing one of these Dry Food Wall Mounts just like Holiday Inn Express has in their breakfast area!



coffeeYou will never understand how amazing coffee is until it’s finals week.  Do you ever feel like your body is crashing? It’s your blood sugar level that is making you a little shaky. A small cup of coffee can perk you right up and it contains fiber! You can safely drink 2-4 cups per day (just don’t add the sugar! It counter acts with the coffee’s anti crash feeling).  Want a super insane coffee rush? Try a French Press… easy to use and packs a huge coffee punch that brewing just can’t achieve!

 Have a superfood that helps you study? Comment below on what helps you during these stressful times we call FINALS



  1. Gabby March 9, 2017 Reply

    Holy shztini, this is so cool thank you.

  2. Lita Watson June 26, 2017 Reply

    I see that beets is good for brain, too. Beet root is rich in Vitamin B. This vital vitamin makes human brain to process data much faster. It also enables an individual to remember things easily.This makes you smarter

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