3 Ways To Get Back What You Paid For Textbooks


Sure, being done with final exams (or college in general!!) means freedom – but it also means another opportunity for some fast cash in your hand after selling back your textbooks. After all, how else does one expect to fund the celebratory-goodbye-classes bar crawl?

But, the question is: How do you ensure that you get the most money back for your books? We have a few tips to help you most efficiently sell your old textbooks.

Do your research.

Need a break from studying? Great – do some research to figure out who will be the highest bidder for your textbooks. BIGWORDS has a really simple way to figure this out and will pull prices from all over the Internet, including sites like Amazon. You’ll find you make the most money back when price comparing online.

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Keep your books in great condition.

If you’ve spent the entire semester manhandling your books with chocolate and Cheeto fingers it may be harder to recoup some extra bucks – but hey, this will be good advice to keep in mind for next semester. First, opt for using Post-Its instead of marking up and folding down pages. If highlighters are critical to your study process, scan or photocopy the pages you need instead of making notes directly in your book. And as for that wear and tear that usually occurs on a book’s binding? Painter’s tape. This adhesive doesn’t damage the book when removed and you can buy it at any hardware store or Target. Place the tape along the book’s edges or go crazy and cover the entire thing with it. This will protect your textbook from the elements and help you fetch top-dollar once you’re done with it.


Hit the buyback circuit as early as possible.

We know – the last thing you want to do after finishing exams is immediately hit the Internet or your campus bookstore to sell your textbooks. But it’s definitely the best way to ensure that you get big bucks. If you’ve done your research and have determined that the Internet is the way to go, get your books listed a few days before exams. That way, you’ll get into the game early and still be able to mail out your books within a reasonable time. Also textbook sites restock their inventory early. Beat the sellback rush and be one of the first people they buy their textbooks from, before they are fully stocked.

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