Five Things You DON’T Need In College


If you’re new to campus life, chances are that you don’t entirely know where you need to throw your back-to-school dollars. We have a few suggestions of items you might think you need, but actually don’t – so you can have more money for those big nights out.


Dorm rooms are tiny and cluttered – the last thing you need is another thing taking up space. And printers are really just that: Things that take up space. Your campus library will likely have printers that you can use to print off papers and research documents. Plus, that way, you don’t have to deal with things like replacing ink and buying paper.

New textbooks.

True, sometimes you’ll want your very own, clean textbook. But the majority of your first year courses are just classes that you’re required to take, not ones that will lie down the foundation for your entire college career. You can save bundles buying used or renting textbooks, rather than simply reaching for brand-new ones. Trust us, it’s probably not worth it.

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We know this one was probably meant with horrified gasps, but hear us out. Cable is super expensive these days – and if you’re doing college “right,” you won’t be wasting tons of time sitting in front of the boob tube. These days, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can serve you just fine, and many shows are available online through networks’ websites. Cable just isn’t necessary.

Expensive bedding.

The furniture in college dorm rooms generally makes Ikea stuff look like Restoration Hardware. You know why? Because college students don’t need nice stuff, period. You’re already going to be living in a cramped space and chances are that when you have friends over, they’ll be eating and hanging out on your bed. This will undoubtedly add up to a lot of wear and tear. No one cares where you buy your comforter and neither should you.

A Fancy Computer Monitor.

The real estate on any college kid’s desk is very limited – so, you definitely don’t want to clog it up with unnecessary items. This includes computer monitors that take up space when your laptop should be just fine. Additionally, computer monitors have a strong glow that will seriously tick off your roommate when you’re pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper and he’s trying to sleep.

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