Four Ways To Score Cheap Textbooks Every Semester


Any of us who have shopped in a campus bookstore for textbooks know that it’s a huge rip-off. Students nationwide have grown wise to the racket and, consequently, stores just aren’t selling books like they used to. While schools scramble to evolve to a changing market – and reduce or entirely drop textbooks from their inventory – students are looking elsewhere for their books. If you’ve been around the block, you might have the whole system down pat, but we have a few tips for those of you who have had enough of schlepping to the store, waiting in long lines and paying way too much for a lousy intro to bio textbook.

Determine whether or not you can rent.

Take a look at your upcoming courses and ask yourself which materials aren’t really critical to own. If you’re a history major, you probably want to own your own copy of Western Civilizations, so buying is probably the best bet. But the course materials for your throwaway “rocks for jocks” class? Rent, rent, rent.

Buy a month before or a month after the semester starts.

Ah, the laws of supply and demand. In the weeks before and after the semester starts, everyone is clamoring for copies of books. But if get a head start before demand goes up, not only will you have you pick – including the used books in the best condition – you’ll be able to grab the cheapest copy first.

Sell your old books.

Those books from last semester that you’ve been too lazy to drag down the campus bookstore? Sell them! Whether you sell them on your own or through vendor, you might as well get cash back on those old textbooks, rather than use them as very expensive paperweights.

Leverage deals and coupons.

Sure, we all know that buying textbooks online is cheaper than purchasing them at the campus bookstore, but you’re not really making the most of savings just buy placing books in you online shopping cart. The Internet is chock-full of coupons, free shipping deals and special promotions to save you more money on already-discounted textbooks. Finding them can be tough, but BIGWORDS has a built-in Uber-BOT that scours the web for you to find you the best deals quickly.

Ready to buy your books? Compare all online textbook stores at once to see the best price for your book.

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