Five Ways To Thanksgiving Sans The Fams

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Going home for the holidays can be a real drag when you’re used to your own space and freedom. If you’re hell no’ing the idea of a big family Thanksgiving and the inevitably boring “how’s school?” questioning or you simply can’t afford the ticket to get there, we have a few options so that you’re not curled up in the corner of your dark empty bedroom desperately hitting up Seamless on Turkey Day next week.



Nearly every city in the U.S. – big and small – have opportunities to volunteer in soup kitchens on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re not sure which organizations near you are in need of help, a simple Google search can give you options of churches, homeless shelters and other venues welcoming the less fortunate for a Thanksgiving meal.


Run a Turkey Trot.

You might have to get up a little earlier than usual (ok, a lot earlier than usual), but Turkey Trots are really fun ways to kick off Thanksgiving Day. You’ll find these 5k runs in towns all across America and if you’re not an adept runner, don’t worry! Most people participate purely for fun and you won’t get any judgment for walking or finishing in the back of the pack.


Organize a Friendsgiving.

There are bound to be other stragglers on campus who can’t get home for the holidays – or exchange students who don’t care about Thanksgiving one way or the other. Pull together some of your classmates to host a big potluck on Thanksgiving Day. If you don’t know of anyone staying behind, post a bulletin on social media or in your student union.


Have a staycation.

No doubt, there are tons of things you planned to do when you arrived at school in the fall, like hit up museums or have an all-day movie marathon, but there are always a million social events that preclude checking these activities off the list. Take advantage of the quiet around campus and plan to get a few things done that you never have time to check out.


Get ready for finals.

We know – this is so unappealing. But there’s no better time to prep for your upcoming exams than when you’re distraction-free and have nothing but time. Organize your notes, get started on outlines and put together a study schedule that will keep you on-track for those final weeks of classes.


If you’re not planning to go home and endure a week of crazed family fun this Thanksgiving, how are you going to spend the break? Any suggestions for other students who might not like any of our ideas, but want to find activities to fill their time this Thanksgiving?


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