My dad has never asked for much gift wise. I remember many birthdays and Christmases where he was perfectly content holding the video camera and taping every second of mine and my brother’s Rainbow Bright-Micronaught-filled childhoods, rather than opening any of his own gifts. And for good reason….when we asked what he wanted, his requests were really lame. So lame gifts under the Christmas tree for dad it was.

“I’d like razors, socks, and bleh bleh (whatever dad show or movie was popular at the time (Star Wars, Sopranos, etc.)” That was it. He’s never asked for anything else his whole life. And if, god forbid, we bought him an iPod, he would without fail, ask why he didn’t get any razors that year.

So based on my dad’s undesirable list of gift requests, I am sharing a small list of more desirable father’s day gift ideas, found on for less than they retail.


I never realized how expensive razors were until I actually had to buy them. Now it makes sense as to why my dad asked for them every year.  By the way, can someone please look into ever increasing razor prices? I really hate spending a fortune on an item that makes me do something I don’t even want to do anyway.


Art of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave

Retail Price (does not include shipping): $100 Price (includes shipping):$77.97


My ex-boyfriend used to call these his “bugout” socks. If the world ended, icebergs melted and somehow he survived and was living in a frozen Waterworld, it would be because these socks kept him warm. Personally,  I just thought he was stupid for spending $10 dollars on a pair on socks. Since this is something a dad would have a hard time dropping bucks on, but probably would love to have, I recommend getting him some fancy end of the world socks.


Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Socks (2 pairs)

Retail Price (does not include shipping): $19.99 price (includes shipping): $11.54

Bleh Bleh (Dad T.V)

Not every dad has Netflix (Sons). And if he did, Netflix doesn’t have HBO (GoT). Thanks a lot HBO. Here are some totally dad shows to get him into. Oh and careful about GoT’s around moms who haven’t seen an HBO or Showtime program in a while, though. My mom thought my dad was watching an xxx film.


Sons of Anarchy season 1 and 2

Retail Price (shipping not included): $99.98 Price (shipping included): $20.00

Season 3 Blue Ray

Retail Price (shipping not included): $69.99 Price (shipping included): $17.97

Season 4 Blue Ray

Retail Price (shipping not included): $69.99 Price (shipping included): $15.91


Game of Thrones Season 1 Blue Ray

Retail Price (shipping not included): $79.98 Price (shipping included): $37.99

Game of  Thrones Season 2

Retail Price (shipping not included): $79.98 Price (shipping included): $28.99

And if he’s already seen the show, make him read the books…


Game of Thrones Book Set 1-4

Retail Price (shipping not included): $35.96 Price (shipping included): $19.12



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